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Low Spice Fantasy Directory

If you're like us and want your fantasy rich in plot and light on spice, you've come to the right place. We've done all the heavy lifting so that finding your next read couldn't be easier. Authors and book lovers alike are invited to help us grow our directory by submitting favorite low/no spice adult and new adult books using the button below. And pssst... if you are looking for no spice YA fantasy, visit our sister directory HERE.

Rating System

This directory includes "Adult" or "New Adult" fantasy books that are either standalones or the first book in a series and that fit within the "No Spice" Rating System" developed by Author Brittany Wang.

LEVEL 0: No Romance - No romance plots present in story.

LEVEL 1: Non-Physical Romance - Romance / flirting with no physical interactions.

LEVEL 2: Tame Romance - Romance with hand holding & hugging.

LEVEL 3: Kissing - Light to moderate kissing.

LEVEL 4: Steamy Attraction / Interaction - Evocatively described attraction and/or detailed kissing scenes. May get "handsy."

LEVEL 5: Closed Door - Sex implied, but not shown. No lead up.

LEVEL 6: Fade to Black - Sex strongly implied with evocatively detailed lead-up before “fades to black”.

By using the links on this page, you are supporting the continued running & updating of this directory. We use Amazon Affiliates links, which means that when you purchase the book using these links, we make a small commission at no extra cost to you!

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