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What would it be like if a handful of powerful mages ruled the world? And what if... the person holding all the strings enjoyed playing deadly games for power - not caring if people (mages or otherwise) lived or died? 

If that sounds like an adventure you'd like to see come to life, read the RULING MAGIC SERIES, a New Adult Urban Fantasy, where twenty-one-year-old Isla fights to claim her birthright as a Ruler among mages.

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Short Story Prequel

I’ve seen it. The devastating future ahead. It leaves me with one desperate question. Can fate be changed? I’m Isadora Luciano, ruler of the modern mage world, and my daughter is arguably the most powerful mage in existence. But that’s not all she is… Visions of the future show there’s evil brewing inside her. It’s already begun. And I have to be the one to stop her. I’m convinced I can save the world, but at what cost? The price of protecting the future might just include everything I hold dear. And there are some things I’m simply not willing to pay.


Book One

Mother can’t kill me. Not that she hasn’t tried. I’m the heir to a modern-day magical dynasty, daughter of the most powerful mage in existence. From day one, Mother made it apparent that she never wanted me—never wanted an heir at all.
That’s why she’s forced me into the shadows, where I remain invisible. Nobody even knows what I truly look like. Locked away, I dream of ordinary things. You know. Friends. A boyfriend. A purpose for my existence… 
But I’ve got secrets too. Things she can’t find out. 
For years, I’ve watched her scheme to expand her grip on the mage world. Like a snake, she waits for the right moment to strike. If she succeeds, there will be deadly consequences.
As my powers grow, I think Mother and I have both come to the same conclusion. 
I might be the only thing that stands in her way.

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Book Two

So the entire mage world is looking for me. Who cares?
I'm not going back. I've finally tasted freedom, and even though I hate that I accidentally left my sort-of-boyfriend behind, there's no way I'm giving this up. Not yet.
I've got things to do here. If I'm going to change the world, I'll need to see it first. Preferably before Mother reduces everything to dust, waging her deadly war.
So, I'm blending in. Learning what it takes to be a regular mage. Pretending I'm not the missing Heir plastered all over the news.
The only problem is, keeping my Ruling Powers hidden is proving tougher than I thought. The other mages? They're starting to notice I'm different. Sooner or later, they're going to figure me out. And while not everyone looking for me wants me dead, one thing is clear.
If I don't see this mission through... It's game over.
For all of us.


Book Three

She’s finally done it. Mother’s pushed me over the edge. 
The woman has taken things from me. People. One of them I
can never get back. 
She started this war thinking we’d simply fall down at her feet. You know, kiss her expensive little stilettos. After all, she’s the most powerful mage in existence. And she’s got help.
We’re outnumbered and, to be honest, outmatched. But me and Rik? Together, we might just be enough. Fate has brought us together—irrevocably and in ways we never saw coming. 
And that’s not all. 
A darkness has awoken within me, and I have to admit, I kinda like it. It gives me power like I’ve never had before. I see the other mages, scampering out of my way like I’m some kind of monster. 
Maybe I am. 
Doesn’t matter. What’s important is that Mother knows I’m coming for her. Her reign? It’s ending. 
And it won’t be the only thing I destroy when I get there.

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Rik Meets Iz

Find out what Rik was thinking when he met Iz in this bonus scene from his point of view!

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