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BLOG: Welcome


Everyone gather ‘round. I want to show you something awesome but I feel like it needs a little bit of an explanation first. So, pull up a...

Ahh! My book is LIVE!

It's here! The day has arrived! My book baby is officially out in the world, and HERE is the universal link where you can get it. Hope...

A Prequel Was Needed

After I got done ('done' being a relative term, ha!) writing the first book of Isla's story, I realized there was so much history leading...

Oh Hey, Learning Curve

Poor, little, naive me. I thought I could just sit down, put my ideas to paper, and the world would come (in droves) to read it. Ha!...

All Systems Go!

Finally taking the plunge, and stepping off the ledge! Cheers to a first post here on the freshly minted website and blog! It feels like...

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