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What would it be like to live with a deadly curse? Worse, what if the curse wasn't just deadly to you, but put everyone around you in danger as well? I imagine you'd do just about anything to get rid of it, am I right?

If that sounds like an adventure you'd like to see come to life, read the STONES & CURSES series, a New Adult Urban Fantasy, where twenty-two-year-old Nora fights to rid herself - and the rest of the world - of her deadly curse.

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Book One

Hi. I’m Nora, and I bring people’s worst nightmares to life.
Everyone needs a hobby, right?
Gah. Don’t look at me like that. It’s not like I do it on purpose. I’m cursed. Like bonafide needle-pricking, frog-kissing, poison-apple cursed. Except worse because in addition to slowly chipping away at my soul, this thing will eventually kill me too.
Let me start over…
It all goes back to wishes. The damned things come true around me but in the worst possible way. And I don’t mean that lightly because, well… sometimes people wind up dead.
The kicker? Once I grant my quota of ill-fated desires, that’s it for me. Finito. I know because there were others before me. Just our sick family heritage. We screw people over, and then we die. Hell of a way to live, right?
I think I might be the last one too. I’ve searched my whole life and found nothing. No answers. No cure. Not one hint of magic in this entire world besides me.
Well, that is… until today.


Book Two

Oh, hey. Nora here. 
Just over here trying to process everything I’ve learned lately—the least of it being that magic is real, and I’m the last in a long line of practically extinct jinn. 
Me? Magic? What? 
You might be wondering why all of that isn’t taking center stage in my currently mind-blown state. Well… I’ve got bigger problems. 
Namely, I trusted the wrong person. 
We’ve all been there, right? But of course, when I do it, I wake up not knowing where I am or how I got there. To top it off, something isn’t quite right with me. I’m off. But maybe that’s just what happens when your heart is splintered into a million tiny pieces. 
Whatever the case, I’m done with all the half-truths and secrets. It’s time for me to figure out why everyone seems to know more about me than I do. Why the entire magical world is watching every move I make with bated breath.
But most of all, I’m going to find out why he did this to me. And then I might just make him pay with the one thing that’s ripe for my taking…
His soul.

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Book Three

Hey… it’s Nora. Again. And this time, I’m in way over my head. The jinn are being hunted right and left, and as their unwitting leader, that paints a sparkly neon target on my back.

Yay, me.

The druids are my biggest threat. They’re dark sorcerers who fuel their filthy magic by feasting on the souls of others like they’re at an all-you-can-eat buffet. As for me, well… I’m the main course.

But I’ve got news for them. This jinn is off the menu because I’m done running.

Rafe and I are finally on the same page, and although I want nothing more than to get lost in those depthless grey eyes, we’ve got work to do. He’s sacrificed so much to ensure my survival, but the other jinn doubt my ability to lead, and what’s worse, I’ve gone and allied myself with the fae. The fae!

They’ve forced me to see the cost of the druids' magic—a plague of darkness spreading across the land. If left unchecked, it will consume everyone and everything in its path.

And the only one powerful enough to stand against them? The one with an actual chance at making them pay?

You guessed it. Me.


A couple of freebies for you...

Are you dying to find out what's up with Jessa? Be sure to check out her free short story prequel, Allure of the Night, set in the same universe as Stones & Curses. Plus, don't miss out on the juicy family secrets revealed in this Rafe + Nora bonus chapter.

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