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A Prequel Was Needed

After I got done ('done' being a relative term, ha!) writing the first book of Isla's story, I realized there was so much history leading up to it that never got told. So, what did I do? I pulled out my macbook and sourpatch kids and got to work.

I ended up with a short story prequel that really set the stage for Isla to take the reins and become the amazing heroine she is. And I am excited to share it with you because villains don't just wake up one day and decide to be the bad guy. Nope. Things happen to them. Usually bad things. And Victoria, Isla's mother, is no exception. Her perspective has shaped her reality and she feels she's owed her dues.

Who are your favorite villains? (From books or whatever, just the ones you love to hate!). I have a bunch, but one of them is Kilgrave, the villain from Jessica Jones (and is played by David Tennant). You might even notice some similarities between him and Victoria ;)

And want to know the best news about this prequel? It's free! A freequel if you will. If you haven't already, get THE PRICE OF BETRAYAL on StoryOrigin HERE.

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